VEI has worked on transportation projects, large and small, including urban highways, rural and residential roads/streets, sidewalks and pedestrian/multi-use pathways, bus transit turnouts, railroad sidings and road crossings. 


These projects have included routing feasibility studies, complete reconstructions, major resurfacing, signage, traffic control plans, and construction administration.  Our staff has completed more than 50 transportation projects over the past 30 years in both urban and rural locations.

Featured Projects

Marston/Foraker Drive RID/WID/LID (PM&E) – VEI designed road, drainage, subdrains and utility extensions for this controversial redevelopment project in the Turnagain Northwest Slide area of Anchorage—an area undeveloped since the 1964 Earthquake.  The immediate neighbors wished the land to remain vacant, while property owners had been waiting to develop their land.  A significant public involvement effort was put forth to address concerns with and oppositions to the project.  Technically, the project received a lot of scrutiny, including three meetings before the Geotechnical Advisory Committee and a third party Geotechnical Review, before it was approved. 

Marston Drive area post 1964 Good Friday Earthquake

Marston Drive area post 1964 Good Friday Earthquake

Marston Drive area 2010

Marston Drive area 2010

A key component of the eventual design was a deep subdrain system and pump station to collect groundwater, thereby reducing the potential for seismic induced liquifaction of underlying clay.  The subdrain system was installed in Fall 2008 and by Spring 2009 virtually all of the groundwater above the clay layer had been removed.    The project is now a growing neighborhood. 

Lake Otis Parkway Surface Rehabilitation (Abbott Road to O'Malley Road) - Approximately one mile of roadway surface was rehabilitated under this project using a combination of Municipal and Federal funds (one of the first projects of this type).

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Highway Corridor Study (Pt. MacKenzie to Houston)  - VEI was specifically selected to provide reconnaissance on this project, developing alternative alignments for a highway and railroad link from the Port at Point MacKenzie to Houston.  Our work as a subconsultant involved evaluating existing terrain and conditions, then developing alternative routing.  The project team included URS for environmental work. 

Seldovia Roads  - VEI provided survey, geotechnical investigation, and road design of 5 miles of gravel road through virgin terrain in Seldovia in 1988 working with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Seldovia Village Tribe (SVT).  Construction was completed in the early 1990’s.  Additional funding was secured by SVT in 2010 and VEI was asked to provide engineering services for an additional 3 miles of road. SVT obtained funding to conduct a multi-phase local hire project to construct the remaining roads. VEI worked with SVT to hire a superintendant and set up a construction company. SVT purchased equipment and hired a local work force. VEI provided field engineering, surveying and quality control. Construction commenced in 2012 and is steadily progressing through the remaining 3 miles of road.

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